Who we are
We are Eating People but don’t be afraid. It will only hurt a little…
Eating People is an electronic music label & art collective. We try to merge the borders between art and music, be free with our ideas and visions and have fun playing around with different forms of art. 
From Slow cooked techno to medium rare Club sandwiches… we show you a revolutionary new way of cooking. Be careful and don’t burn your tongue!
Shocking aromatic! So stop the diet and start to sin. 
The process – From Music to unique Art-Vinyl 
As part of our holistic concept every Vinyl is a unique piece of art.
Our releasing artists have the chance to paint their own cover art on a mosaic of 4×4 blank Vinyl covers, which we use as a big canvas. 
This entire picture is then used to create the album cover for the digital release and vinyl production. To make each vinyl unique, we decided to hand paint the cover lines on the front cover of every vinyl. So you can become the owner of a small piece of art & music. The vinyls are also limited and numbered. So better be fast!